Elf Bowling bass_fx.dll error

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well i don't then.  there was a bass_fx.dll file in the folder, i still got the same error, so i unzipped what you sent, copied it over, started the game and received the same error plus one

cannot find import; dll may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version, file bass_fx.dll, error 998

and then i got a microsoft visual c++runtime library error

runtime error
program\c:program files
crt not initialized.

i only got the runtime error once when i first started the game after copying the file over, so i don't know if that an issue or not.

any new ideas.  if it worked for you, one would assume it should for me, so there must be something else but i am at a loss.


(: JOBnik! :):
Hi ;D

I really don't know why this happening with this game.

But for sure, BASS_FX.DLL is using only direct core Windows libraries and not using any registry information, nor storing any registry or any other files on system.

That should be checked with the developers of this game to check why that happening on your system.

There might be some registry entries that this games uses/stores for its only use.

You can try installing:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

You can also try checking your system with some registry fix application to see if there're some registry error and fix them.

Thanks for the help, i already contacted oberon before you and they only offered up the new file which led me to you.

The visual c thing happened one time and i have no further issues with it so i don't think it's an issue, but i will look in to it.

I'll look in to registry thing but somehow i think it's somethng else but i don't know what.

Thanks for the help.


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