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Several years ago i purchased and downloaded a game, Elf Bowling the last insult.  It has worked fine for all these  years, all of sudden when trying to start the game i get a bass_fx.dll error which says it doesnt exist or is corrupt or something, error 998.

I contacted oberon media,they gave me a new download file, i did that, same problem.  I tried uninstalling and downloaded file again, no luck, same problem.

Nothing appears to have changed, but my grandkids really like the game.

Any thoughts or insight would be helpful.

thank you.

(: JOBnik! :):
Hi ;D

Are you talking about this game?

If after reinstalling it you still have an error of BASS_FX, please make sure that you don't have another BASS_FX.DLL in "windows\system32\" folder, as there might be some other software that installed it there :)

Let me know if it helps or not.

Well i don't know if it was w or not, it was so long ago when i purchased it.  I will go ahead with the uninstall and reinstall and check it again.  Where do i look in the Windows/System32 folder?

I am quite a computer novice when it comes to those types of files.


I used REVO to completely uninstall the game, then downloaded it again from the linke provided by oberon http:/

I installed the game, entered my registration key, and yet i got the same error message.

I searched in SYSTEM 32 folder for BASS_FX and nothing was found.

Thanks for the help.

(: JOBnik! :):
Hi ;D

I just installed the game from the link you've provided and the game starts and plays fine, without any BASS_FX errors...
Please make sure that there's BASS_FX.DLL file in games folder:
C:\Program Files\Oberon Media\Elf Bowling 7 The Last Insult

If it doesn't exists or you still have the same error, please download the file I've attached to this message, extract the "bass_fx.dll" file and copy it to the games folder.


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