Problem with BASS_FX and tempo resampling


Hi   ;D
I've found a strange problem when playing the wav file below using a stream resampled by BASS_FX in order to manage tempo change: the problem can be easily reproduced using the "tempo.exe" sample included inside the BASS_FX zip file.;topic=9501.0;attach=632

This WAV file contains a sequence of 4 drum beats: if you play it with Bass or WMP or Winamp you will clearly hear that all of the 4 beats have the same energy: if you play the same file using the "tempo.exe" sample of BASS_FX you will hear that the 3rd beat has less energy and, by the way, it seems that the first 2 beats have an energy higher than the original: can this glitch be corrected in some way? It's quite an urgent matter  :'(

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Hi ;D

This issue has been fixed.
Please have a look at this thread in BASS forum:


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