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Better Reverb...


I am new here - just about checking out BassFx addon.

First of all it's very useful to have basic effects for bass!

But the Reverb seems to be a very simple algorithm, more sounding like a dense echo or long early reflection. It lacks a dense release. I am really not about requesting a cpu hungry convolution reverb... just better sounding algorithms. Some variations would also be appreciated, like plate, spring, hall, room, etc...

I like the bass fx system as these fx are simple to use in bass. I know I can use VST effects too - I've checked bass vst addon too and it's a lot more hassle to use.

(: JOBnik! :):
Hi ;D

I'm looking into implementing "Freeverb" algorithm for more advanced reverberation.

I've seen lately that you've done some changes in the effects.

Looking forward to a new reverb, great news!  ;)


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