how can I use the bass_fx.dll in darkbasic pro ?


Is there a new way of implementing it in darkbasic pro ?

I tried to use in darkbasic pro the bass.dll works fine, but the bass_fx returns a zero.

I checked the source name and version.

here is the code I used.  Please help.

--- Code: ---#constant DECODE            0x200000
#constant SAMPLE_FX         128
#constant LOOP_CHN         4
#constant AUTOFREE          0x40000
#constant PRESCAN            0x20000
#constant FLOAT_CHN       256
#constant REVERSE_ATTRIBUTE 0x11000
#constant FORWARD_CHN           1
#constant REVERSE_CHN          -1

type img

  x as integer
  y as integer


global dim ins(640*30) as img
global stream as dword
global effect as dword
global length
global bpp1
global bpp2
global i

set display mode 640,480,32
  sync on
ink rgb(255,255,0),rgb(0,0,0)

load dll "bass.dll",1
load dll "bass_fx.dll",2

nul = call dll (1,"BASS_Init",-1,44100,0,0,0)

stream = call dll (1,"BASS_StreamCreateFile",0,"1.mp3",0,0,DECODE || FLOAT_CHN )
effect = call dll (2,"BASS_FX_TempoCreate",stream, DECODE  )
effect = call dll (2,"BASS_FX_ReverseCreate",effect,2.0, AUTOFREE )

--- End code ---

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