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BASS_FX / Re: Latency of pitch changer
« on: April 24, 2009, 02:25:52 PM »
Hi ;D

Please read about this issue on BASS forum:

BASS_FX / Re: Instant Tempo + Reverse change
« on: April 24, 2009, 02:20:12 PM »
Hi ;D

You can't free the source handle as long as you need it for Tempo/Reverse playback. If you need to free Tempo/Reverse handle, only then free source as well if use BASS_FX_FREESOURCE flag, so BASS_FX will free the source handle.

I think you could make the change instant by seeking on the output stream, eg. get its position and then set the position to the same. That'll clear the output buffer, so that new data is played next. :)

BASS_FX / Re: BPM return nothing ?
« on: March 01, 2009, 11:44:00 AM »
Hi ;D

This issue is still open as it needs a fix in SoundTouch BPM algorithm.

BASS_FX / Re: Problem with BASS_FX and tempo resampling
« on: March 01, 2009, 11:42:48 AM »
Hi ;D

This issue has been fixed.
Please have a look at this thread in BASS forum:

BASS_FX / Re: VB 2008 BPM Question
« on: January 18, 2009, 02:46:21 PM »
Hi ;D

Get BPM from decoded stream:
Code: [Select]
Dim bpmHandle As Long, bpmDecode As Single

' create decode stream
bpmHandle = BASS_StreamCreateFile(BASSFALSE, StrPtr(filename), 0, 0, BASS_STREAM_DECODE)

' get bpm value from position 0 to position 30 (in seconds)
bpmDecode = BASS_FX_BPM_DecodeGet(bpmHandle, 0, 30, 0, BASS_FX_BPM_BKGRND Or BASS_FX_FREESOURCE, 0)

' free decode bpm and stream handles
Call BASS_FX_BPM_Free(bpmHandle)

Get BPM in real-time after chosen period of seconds:
Code: [Select]
' set bpm callback to trigger after 10 seconds
Call BASS_FX_BPM_CallbackSet(chan, AddressOf GetBPM_Callback, 10, 0, 0, 0)

' remove bpm callback from stream handle
Call BASS_FX_BPM_Free(chan)

' callback function to get the bpm after period of time
Public Sub GetBPM_Callback(ByVal handle As Long, ByVal bpm As Single, ByVal user As Long)
   textbox.text = bpm
End Sub

BASS_FX / Re: VB 2008 BPM Question
« on: January 14, 2009, 11:26:39 AM »
Hi ;D

Of course you can use it in VB2008 or any other programming language as well, even in OSX and Linux :)
To use it with .Net, please take a look on BASS page for BASS.NET API:

Announcements / BASS_FX 2.4.12
« on: July 06, 2008, 10:01:39 AM »
Hi ;D

Current BASS_FX version is 2.4.12
Released: 28.03.2018

BASS_FX is also available for the iOS, Android, Windows Store/Phone, WinCE and Linux ARM platforms:

Updates and Changes:

2.4.12 - 28/03/2018
  * Added "Windows Store (Win10-ARM/x86/x64, Win8-x86/x64, Win8-Phone-ARM)" platform support (package
  * Android, added "arm64-v8a" architecture support (package
  * Linux ARM, added "aarch64" architecture support.
  * OSX, removed PowerPC support, since the PowerPC architecture is no longer supported by BASS and Apple.
  * Delphi/Pascal, updated BASS_FX.PAS unit and changed "WIN32" to "MSWINDOWS".

* Tempo:
  * Updated to the latest SoundTouch version 2.0.0
  * Adjusted algorithm parameters to reduce reverberating effect at tempo slowdown.
  * Improved sound quality when using integer processing algorithm.
  * Improved sound quality when BASS_ATTRIB_TEMPO_OPTION_USE_QUICKALGO == TRUE.
    The new quickseek algorithm can find 99% as good results as the default full-scan mode, while the quickseek algorithm is
    remarkable less CPU intensive.
  * "mixtime" BASS_SYNC_END syncs are delayed until the tempo processing reaches the end (not when the source does), in the
    same was as BASS_SYNC_POS syncs.
  * Fixed threading issue.
  * Miscellaneous small fixes and improvements.

* BPM:
  * Updated to the latest SoundTouch version 2.0.0

* Reverse:
  * Fixed small bug in reverse processing, that BASS_SYNC_END syncs aren't getting triggered on reverse streams that are
    playing some files forwards.

* DSP:
  * Fixed fRate parameter in BASS_FX_BFX_AUTOWAH effect.
  * BASS_FX_BFX_PITCHSHIFT effect is also enabled for Android (armeabi-v7a, x86) and Linux ARM (hardfp), that using now
    floating-point instead of fixed-point. - 24/12/2014
  * Added support for BASS 2.4.11, BASS_DATA_FIXED flag is used in Android, WinCE and Linux ARM platforms.
  * Documentation is updated.
  * iOS, added "x86_64" simulator architecture.

* Tempo:
  * Fixed "Segmentation fault" on x64 Linux system.

* DSP:
  * Android, fixed "BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO4" effect as reported in this thread:

2.4.11 - 02/09/2014
   * Fixed an issue on OSX (The Xcode project's "Installation Directory" setting set to "@loader_path" instead of "@executable_path").
   * Tempo/Reverse fixed a thread-safety crash.
   * Tempo/Reverse added CTYPE info for these streams.
   * Android, added "x86" architecture support (some effects are buggy, will be fixed soon).
   * iOS, added "arm64" architecture support.
   * Fixed Delphi/Pascal unit by changing "FLOAT" to "Single".
   * Added C/C++ "freeverb" example.

* Tempo:
   * Updated to latest SoundTouch library version 1.8.0
   * Fixed a crash when using syncs on tempo, as described in this thread:
   * Added 3 interpolation algorithms to set using BASS_FX_TEMPO_ALGO_XXX flags (BASS_FX_TempoCreate):
      * BASS_FX_TEMPO_ALGO_CUBIC   (default)

* DSP:
   * Fixed a bug in BASS_FX_BFX_VOLUME_ENV effect with the "bFollow" option on mobile devices,
     as described in this thread
   * Added new effects:
     * BASS_FX_BFX_PITCHSHIFT, that uses FFT for its pitch shifting while maintaining duration.
     * BASS_FX_BFX_FREEVERB, a reverb effect. - 05/06/2013
* BPM/Beat:
  * Fixed a crash when not using BPMPROGRESSPROC callback
  * Added a check for BPMPROC/BPMBEATPROC callbacks, if not available, returns BASS_ERROR_ILLPARAM error code

2.4.10 - 02/06/2013
   * Please see DSP and BPM sections for decprecated effects/functions.
     To not break compatibility with BASS 2.4 version, these effects and functions will still remain in BASS_FX,
     but are removed from documentations and will be totally removed from BASS_FX in the future.
   * BASS_ERROR_FX_NODECODE error code *removed*, will return BASS_ERROR_DECODE instead (Tempo/Reverse/BPM/Beat)
   * BASS_ERROR_FX_BPMINUSE error code *removed*, will return BASS_ERROR_ALREADY instead (BPM/Beat)
   * Tempo and BPM functions updated to latest SoundTouch library version 1.7.1
   * Added BASS_BFX_Linear2dB and BASS_BFX_dB2Linear macros to headers, for convenience.

* Tempo:
  * Multi-channel support is added, but:
     * No SSE optimizations
     * BASS_ATTRIB_TEMPO_OPTION_USE_AA_FILTER is by default set to FALSE on iOS, Android, WinCE and Linux ARM platforms for lower CPU usage
     * Not part of SoundTouch library, sources will be sent to Olli Parviainen after BASS_FX release
  * Sound quality improvements
  * Improved output sound stream duration to match better with ideal duration
  * Fixed BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWN issue with Windows 8 x64, posted in this thread:

* BPM:
  * BASS_FX_BPM_Translate and all of its options, BASS_FX_BPM_TRAN_xxx, are *deprecated*
  * BPM example is updated to fit above changes
  * Tuned detection algorithm
  * Fixed detection bug in Android, WinCE & Linux ARM platforms, for returning odd values
  * Fixed percents bug in BPMPROGRESSPROC
  * Changed default min/max BPM window to SoundTouch's 29/200

* Beat:
  * Fixed regression since version 2.4.8 in BASS_FX_BPM_BeatDecodeGet function,
    that would free a "chan" when detection is completed, as described in this thread:

* DSP:
  * Ported all effects to Android, WinCE & Linux ARM platforms

        added new structure "BASS_BFX_ROTATE" with params:
        "fRate"    - set the rotation rate/speed in Hz between channels
        "lChannel" - multi-channel support, only for even number of channels

        added new effect and structure "BASS_BFX_ECHO4" with params:
        "fDryMix"   - unaffected signal mix
        "fWetMix"   - affected signal mix
        "fFeedback" - output signal to feed back into input
        "fDelay"    - delay seconds
        "bStereo"   - even channels are echoed to each other if enabled
        "lChannel"  - multi-channel support

  * BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO        - *deprecated*, use BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO4
  * BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO2       - *deprecated*, use BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO4
  * BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO3       - *deprecated*, use BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO4
  * BASS_FX_BFX_REVERB      - *deprecated*, use BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO4 with fFeedback enabled
  * BASS_FX_BFX_FLANGER     - *deprecated*, use BASS_FX_BFX_CHORUS
  * BASS_FX_BFX_APF         - *deprecated*, use BASS_FX_BFX_BQF with BASS_BFX_BQF_ALLPASS filter
  * BASS_FX_BFX_LPF         - *deprecated*, use 2x BASS_FX_BFX_BQF with BASS_BFX_BQF_LOWPASS filter and appropriate fQ values

2.4.9 - 16/01/2013
  * WinCE version introduced (package currently doesn't include most BASS_FX_BFX_xxx effects.
  * Linux ARM version introduced (package currently doesn't include most BASS_FX_BFX_xxx effects.

* DSP:
  * Added more effects to Android, WinCE and Linux ARM port:

* Tempo and Reverse:
  * According to this request:
    Added support for DECODETO option.

* Tempo:
  * iOS, WinCE & Linux ARM: Enabled the BASS_ATTRIB_TEMPO_OPTION_USE_QUICKALGO option on tempo
    streams by default for lower CPU usage. See docs on how to disable it.

* iOS:
   * Added armv7s architecture support.

2.4.8 - 31/07/2012
  * Android version introduced (package
    currently doesn't include most BASS_FX_BFX_xxx effects.
  * Delphi/Pascal unit: changed "user" param from "DWORD" to "Pointer"

* BPM:
  * Added "user" param to BASS_FX_BPM_DecodeGet and BPMPROCESSPROC (you have to recompile your project).
  * BPM example updated to fit above changes.
  * According to this request:
    Added support for BPM detection from the current position with BASS_FX_BPM_DecodeGet (startSec<0).
* Beat:
  * Couple of little fixes in beat detection.

* Tempo:
  * Android: Enabled the BASS_ATTRIB_TEMPO_OPTION_USE_QUICKALGO option on tempo
    streams by default for lower CPU usage. See docs on how to disable it. - 01/07/2011
   * Documentation updated.

* DSP:
   * Fixed a small issue in BASS_FXGetParameters for BASS_FX_BFX_VOLUME effect, as it would change the lChannel value
     when the global volume (lChannel=0) is requested.

2.4.7 - 07/04/2011
  * Delphi unit updated: BASS_BFX_ENV_NODE = record, changed to BASS_BFX_ENV_NODE = packed record

* DSP:
   * Fixed bug in BASS_FX_BFX_VOLUME_ENV, being applied slightly early when "bFollow" is enabled.
   * BASS_FX_BFX_DAMP made effect parameter setting a bit more convenient. If fGain < 0 then leave the current value.

* iOS:
   * Added armv7 architecture support.
   * Combined the Device armv6/7 architectures and Simulator libraries into a single file.

2.4.6 - 27/07/2010
  * Tempo and BPM updated to SoundTouch 1.5.1pre
  * iPhone version introduced (package
    NOTE: Since iPhone supports only static libraries, it isn't possible for static libraries to declare their dependencies,
          so that needs to be done in the app's project instead, eg. by adding "-lstdc++" in the "Other Linker Flags".
* Tempo:
   * Updated automatic parameter adjustment logic to reduce tone wobbling at large tempo changes.
   * Retired 3DNow! optimization support as 3DNow! is nowadays obsolete and assembler code is nuisance to maintain.

* BPM:
   * Improved BPM detection.
   * Added automatic cutoff threshold adaptation to beat detection routine to better adapt BPM calculation to different types of music.
   * Fixed bug in BPMPROCESSPROC percents, when endSec is greater than stream's length.

* Reverse:
   * Fixed bug with getting the position when using a large output buffer (BASS_CONFIG_BUFFER).
   * Fixed bug in BASS_ChannelGetPosition, could return an incorrect position.

2.4.5 - 18/12/2009
* DSP: Added new effect, BiQuad filters, BASS_FX_BFX_BQF with filter types:

* Tempo:
   * Tempo processing bypassed when tempo/pitch set to 0
   * Couple of improvements:
     * Added normalization to correlation calculation
     * Heuristic that weights center of the processing window - 29/04/2009
* Tempo: Fixed a bug that could cause a stream to end slightly early.

2.4.4 - 28/03/2009
  * Added: Linux x64 build in package.

* Tempo:
  * Updated to most latest SoundTouch library 1.4.1
  * Improved sound quality by automatic calculation of time stretch algorithm processing
    parameters according to tempo setting.
  * Added new BASS_ATTRIB_TEMPO_OPTION_PREVENT_CLICK, to prevent click when
    samplerate/pitch crosses the default value during processing.
    Default is FALSE as this involves slight sound quality compromise.

* BPM/Beat:
  * Fixed a small bug of internally called SETPOS sync. - 07/01/2009
* BASS_FX: Delphi/Pascal unit updated to handle both Windows and Linux
* Tempo: Fixed a small bug in processing with BASS_SAMPLE_LOOP flag

2.4.3 - 24/12/2008
  * Mixtime POS syncs are now triggered when the specified position is
    rendered in the tempo/reverse stream (rather than when it is decoded from the source).
  * Linux version introduced (package // examples will follow

* Tempo:
  * Corrected BASS_ATTRIB_TEMPO_FREQ min/max values.

* DSP:
  * Added new volume effect: BASS_FX_BFX_VOLUME_ENV, a volume effect using an envelope.
  * BASS_FX_BFX_APF, BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO2, BASS_FX_BFX_ECHO3: fDelay 6 seconds limit removed.

* BPM:
  * Improved the peak detection algorithm so that it wouldn't incorrectly report too slow
    harmonic beats if they are close to the true base beat.

2.4.2 - 16/08/2008
  * Some processing functions optimized for speed.

* DSP:
  * Added new compressor effect BASS_FX_BFX_COMPRESSOR2
    For compatibility issues new compressor will replace old one in version 2.5

2.4.1 - 28/06/2008
* Tempo:
  * Fixed a bug in BASS_ChannelGetPosition, that would return a
    lower position than it should with a decoding tempo stream.

* BPM:
  * Multi-channel support.
  * Fixed a bug in BASS_FX_BPM_DecodeGet, that would return 0 if using
    the same handle and endSec for both Callback and Decode BPM. - 17/04/2008
* BPM: fixed another bug in BPMPROC
* Tempo: fixed a bug not allowing changing BASS_ATTRIB_TEMPO_OPTION_xxx - 06/04/2008
* BPM: fixed a bug in BPMPROC

2.4 - 02/04/2008
  * Updated to BASS 2.4
  * More integrated with BASS plug-in system.
  * Added a function BASS_FX_GetVersion
  * Error codes and names changed
  * To be able to link with BASS_FX, you'll have to call BASS_FX_GetVersion function
    (or any other function from BASS_FX.DLL) or load it dynamically using LoadLibrary("bass_fx.dll")
  * Win64 version introduced (package

* DSP:
  * Effect names, structure names, flags and chain order are changed
  * All functions integrated with BASS FX functions and the usage is the same
    as with BASS DX8/DMO effects:

     BASS_FX_DSP_Set *removed* (use BASS_ChannelSetFX)
     BASS_FX_DSP_SetParameters *removed* (use BASS_FXSetParameters)
     BASS_FX_DSP_GetParameters *removed* (use BASS_FXGetParameters)
     BASS_FX_DSP_Reset *removed* (use BASS_FXReset)
     BASS_FX_DSP_Remove *removed* (use BASS_ChannelRemoveFX)

  * It is possible now to apply an effect more than once on the same channel.
  * BASS_FX_BFX_SWAP *removed* (use BASS_FX_BFX_MIX)
     Updated to support multi-channel and renamed to BASS_FX_BFX_MIX
     BASS_FX_BFX_MIX supports Swap, remap and mixing channels together.
    * fFreq param *removed*
      (use 'oldcenter*freq/oldfreq' to update the fCenter after changing the Samplerate)
    * Max fCenter updated from less than 1/3 to 1/2 of info.freq
    * Take a look at DSP example to know how to increase the number of bands

    * fFreq param *removed* (adjust fCutOffFreq param when needed)

* Tempo:
  * Support for all source sync types
  * Funtions integrated with BASS attribute system (BASS_ChannelSet/GetAttribute):
     BASS_FX_TempoSet *removed*
     BASS_FX_TempoGet *removed*
     BASS_FX_TempoSetOption *removed*
     BASS_FX_TempoGetOption *removed*

    * Tempo attributes:

    * Option attributes:

* Reverse:
  * Support for all source sync types
  * Funtions integrated with BASS attribute system (BASS_ChannelSet/GetAttribute):
     BASS_FX_ReverseSetDirection *removed*
     BASS_FX_ReverseGetDirection *removed*

    * Reverse attribute:

* BPM:
  * Seconds changed from "float" to "double"
  * Callback "user" parameters changed to pointers: BASS_FX_BPM_CallbackSet / BPMPROC
  * Translation names changed:
     BASS_FX_BPM_X2       -> BASS_FX_BPM_TRAN_X2

* Beat:
  * Multi-channel support
  * Seconds changed from "float" to "double"
  * "cutofffreq" param renamed to "centerfreq"
  * Callback "user" parameters changed to pointers:
     BASS_FX_BPM_BeatCallbackSet / BPMBEATPROC

« on: June 03, 2008, 10:45:43 PM »
Hi ;D

The beat detection algorithm is checking for peaks.
If you need to optimize the detection, then please take a look at BASS_FX_BPM_BeatSet/GetParameters :)

« on: May 28, 2008, 11:16:21 AM »
Hi ;D

1st of all, BASS_FX_BPM_DecodeGet, needs a handle using BASS_STREAM_DECODE flag.

DWORD handle = BASS_StreamCreateFile(...,BASS_STREAM_DECODE);

But you really don't want to have 1 handle for playing and decoding bpm, as it will change positions and you won't hear the song as you want.

I suggest you to have 1 handle for playing song and 2nd for bpm, but I guess it's better to have a function that gets the decode BPM:

Code: [Select]

float getDecodeBPM(const char *fp, double startSec, double endSec)
    // free previous hBPM (will free the decode stream as well, because of using BASS_FX_FREESOURCE flag)

    // create decode stream
    hBPM = BASS_StreamCreateFile(FALSE, fp, 0, 0, BASS_STREAM_DECODE);

    // get BPM
    return BASS_FX_BPM_DecodeGet(hBPM, startSec, endSec, 0, BASS_FX_BPM_BKGRND | BASS_FX_BPM_MULT2 | BASS_FX_FREESOURCE, (BPMPROCESSPROC*)bpmProcessProc);

Your code will look like that:
Code: [Select]
  Handle1=BASS_StreamCreateFile(0, @filename, 0, 0, 0)
  Debug BASS_ErrorGetCode()

  uEndPos = BASS_ChannelGetLength(Handle1,#BASS_POS_BYTE)
  Debug BASS_ErrorGetCode()
  hVolume.f = 1
  Debug BASS_ErrorGetCode()

  Debug BASS_ErrorGetCode()

  Debug getDecodeBPM(10, 14)
  Debug BASS_ErrorGetCode()

Also it's much better and safer to have a dedicated thread for this instead of using BASS_FX_BPM_BKGRND flag :)

Announcements / Re: BASS_FX
« on: October 31, 2007, 12:59:06 AM »
Hi ;D

Current BASS_FX version is
Released: 08.08.2007

Updates and Changes: - 08/08/2007
  * Fixed: a DEP crashing bug.
  * Added: a Config option, to reset DSPs, BPM/Beat Callbacks when position is set.
           use BASS_FX_CONFIG_DSP_RESET with BASS_Set/GetConfig function.

* DSP:
  * Fixed: bugs in functions:
      BASS_FX_DSP_Set and BASS_FX_DSP_Remove

  * Fixed: bugs in DSP effects:

  * Removed: DSPFX.TXT file, please check the docs for DSP effects/DSP Values

  * Fixed: a floating-point bug when calling BASS_FX_TempoCreate
  * Fixed: POS SYNCs to be more accurate

* BPM:
  * Fixed: a bug in BASS_FX_BPM_Free and BASS_FX_BPM_BeatFree
           that would sometimes release the source channnel as well
           without using BASS_FX_FREESOURCE flag.

  * Fixed: a bug that, if you would set the direction to forward before starting playback,
           the position would keep counting from the end.
  * Updated: When reaching the end of the stream, changing the direction will now
             reset the stream, so that it can be played again.
  * Fixed: POS SYNCs to be more accurate

BASS_FX / Re: Changing volume of a WAV file
« on: October 08, 2007, 12:43:19 PM »
Hi ;D

The volume change works fine on the front speakers of a 5.1 system, but I'm having trouble controlling the rear and center.
This code works fine for the front, but although it enters the rear speaker block, the output doesn't change.
  If (Speakers = 0) then BASS_ChannelSetAttributes(CChan,0,Vol,Pan);
  If (Speakers=16777216) then begin
     fxvol.lChannel := Bass_fx_dsp_Chan1;
     fxvol.fVolume := RxSlider1.value/100;
     fxvol.lChannel := Bass_fx_dsp_Chan2;
     fxvol.fVolume := RxSlider2.value/100;
  If (Speakers=33554432) then begin
     fxvol.lChannel := Bass_fx_dsp_Chan5;
     fxvol.fVolume := RxSlider1.value/100;
     fxvol.lChannel := Bass_fx_dsp_Chan6;
     fxvol.fVolume := RxSlider2.value/100;

The slider values go from 0 to 100. I tried various other values for fxvol.lChannel just as a shot in the dark, but no luck. What obvious thing am I missing? Thanks!

I just tested the BASS_FX_DSPFX_VOLUME with 5.1 wma file and it works very well by changing the volume of a chosen channel.

BASS_FX_DSPFX_VOLUME will not change the volume of a chosen speaker, it will change the volume of a chosen channel of a played/decoded stream ;)

i.e: If you're playing a stereo file on a rear speakers, the lChannel values should be BASS_FX_DSP_CHAN1 and BASS_FX_DSP_CHAN2

Announcements / Re: BASS_FX
« on: August 10, 2007, 01:17:28 PM »
Hi ;D

Current BASS_FX version is
Released: 09.04.2007

Updates and Changes: - 09/04/2007
  * Added Beat position detection for decoded streams

  * Added new functions:

  * Multi-channel support
  * Added new feature to change playing direction from Reverse to Forward and vice-versa

* BPM:
  * Fixed: one more critical bug in BPM functions

* DSP:
     Improved effect and reduced CPU usage
     Fixed: a bug, preventing using fQ if fBandwidth < 0.1f
     Changed: fQ min limit to 0.1f

     Fixed: a bug in BASS_FX_DSP_GetParameters, that would return a wrong lChannel value

  * Error code: BASS_FX_ERROR_STEREO *removed* (replaced with BASS_ERROR_FORMAT)

  * Setting functions name changed:
     BASS_FX_TempoSettingSet -> BASS_FX_TempoSetOption
     BASS_FX_TempoSettingGet -> BASS_FX_TempoGetOption


BASS_FX / Re: Changing volume of a WAV file
« on: May 23, 2007, 02:58:51 PM »
Hi ;D

Sorry for a long delay with reply... I didn't enter the forum ;)

In your code, you should 1st Set the effect and only the SetParameters on it ;)

Code: [Select]
  BASS_FX_DSP_SetParameters(chan, BASS_FX_DSPFX_VOLUME, @volume);

BASS_FX / Re: time for eq to take effect
« on: April 20, 2007, 09:10:43 PM »
Hi ;D

Hi JOBnik,
first of all, thank you for the great BASS_FX!

You're welcome :)

In my Application, I need to have a PEAKEQ on a specific center-frequency at a specific time. Because changing the setting of eq.fCenter takes some time to take effect, I need to set the parameter in advance. Do you know how to calculate this amount of time?

Thanks for your help!

If I understood you right, you're creating only 1 band and in a specific time you want to change the fCenter of that band to some other frequency.
I would suggest making 2 bands with a desired fCenter, but keeping the fGain of the 2nd band to 0.0f and changing it when the time comes, not forgetting
changing the fGain of the 1st band to 0.0f at the beginning of that specific time.

Announcements / BASS_FX 2.3
« on: April 09, 2007, 06:00:14 PM »
Hi ;D

Current BASS_FX version is 2.3.
Released: 21.05.2006

Updates and Changes:

2.3 - 21/05/2006
* New in BASS_FX:
  * This version has some API changes.
  * You'll have to recompile your application to use this version.
  * =====
     If you like BASS_FX or use it in a commercial/shareware products,
     then you may wish to make a donation to support its development (see the docs for info).

* Tempo:
  * Fixed a bug, that wouldn't clear buffers if a source channel isn't seekable.
  * Removed flags:

    you can set these using a function below, in real-time.

  * Added 2 new functions:

    with options (check the docs for more info about using them):

* DSP:
  * Added new struct:

  * Added multi-channel support and a per channel control with flags/macro:
    each effect with a per channel control has a new "lChannel" param
    (if you won't set the new param, then the effect will be affected on all channels as by default)

     BASS_FX_DSPFX_SWAP      -> it's now possible not only swap, but remap as well.
     BASS_FX_DSPFX_VOLUME   -> it's now needed to set a global volume, before boosting.

  * Channel flags (check the docs for channels order):

    * If you have more than 8 channels (7.1), use this macro.

  * Added a DENORMAL check for all effects.
  * BASS_FX_DSP_Reset is updated for all effects.

* BPM:
  * Added Real-Time Beat Position Trigger:

  * BASS_FX_ERROR_BPMX2 error code *removed* and *replaced* with BASS_ERROR_ALREADY
  * Fixed bugs:
    * Serious memory-leak is fixed using both options.
    * A bug that would free resources before the detecting process is finished.
    * A bug that would still continue to detect previous data even if changing file to
      scan, using a BASS_FX_BPM_BKGRND flag.
    * A bug that would still return BPMs out of MIN/MAX range if using BASS_FX_BPM_MULT2 flag.

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