BASS_FX – upcoming release!

  • BASS_FX:
    • Added “Windows Store (Win10-ARM/x86/x64, Win8-x86/x64, Win8-Phone-ARM)” platform support (package
    • Android, added “arm64-v8a” architecture support (package
    • Linux ARM, added “aarch64” architecture support (package
    • Delphi/Pascal, updated BASS_FX.PAS unit and changed “WIN32” to “MSWINDOWS”.
  • Tempo:
    • “mixtime” BASS_SYNC_END syncs are delayed until the tempo processing reaches the end (not when the source does), in the same was as BASS_SYNC_POS syncs.
  • Reverse:
    • Fixed small bug in reverse processing, that BASS_SYNC_END syncs aren’t getting triggered on reverse streams that are playing some files forwards.
  • DSP:
    • Fixed fRate parameter in BASS_FX_BFX_AUTOWAH effect

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